New Listener's Representative

Last week, we welcomed for the first time, our new listener's representative to our committee meeting. Brian Head went blind overnight and has been receiving our service for a few years. Whilst he subscribes to many audio publications, he still likes receiving our recordings of the Henley Standard because we are the only ones to keep in him in touch with local news.
It was interesting to hear his views on going to the cinema and theatre because one might think this wouldn't appeal to the visually impaired but he told us some shows and films have specially audio described performances/screenings similar to audio described television so he would like us to include the local entertainment listings each week.


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Tactile tours for blind and partially sighted visitors

UK residents who are blind or partially sighted can arrange a tactile tour of the Houses of Parliament.

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Braille Printer

Shubham Banerjee created a low-cost Braille printer using Lego. Now, the 13-year-old is attracting investors and shaking up and industry.

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