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We are always interested to hear from people who would like to become readers. We currently have 16 gentlemen and 16 ladies but are keen to audition potential new readers and add them to our waiting list.

We look for people who have a clear voice and possibly some experience in the performing arts or public speaking. Please contact Nick Fairbrother on 01189 483157 or to express an interest and if we know that our reader numbers are likely to change in the foreseeable future an appointment will be arranged for someone to come and audition. This will consist of being invited to a recording session one evening to be given an overview of how a session works and then read a short passage from the paper to see how the voice comes across on a recording. It’s very informal and there will be plenty of opportunity to ask any questions.

Following a successful audition a reader will be asked to commit to 2 recording sessions on a Thursday evening from 7.20pm until approximately 8.40pm on the next rota which will run for a period of 4 months. If they are able to show they are reliable they will become a permanent member of the reading team and will be given 2 sessions on each future rota. In the event of a reader being unable to read on a date they have been allocated we ask that they contact other readers on the rota and arrange to swap dates. This doesn’t usually present a problem but we do ask that the relevant technical controller is told so he / she knows who to expect for the recording.

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Become a reader
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